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Alzeyer Werkzeugmaschinen Service GmbH

Obere Schanzenstrasse 1-7
55232 Alzey, Deutschland

Telefon: +49 6731 45350
Telefax: +49 6731 45336



The AWS GmbH

Alzeyer Werkzeugmaschinen service (AWS) GmbH, with more than 2000 customers, and a full-time staff of more than 30, has become the standard for reliable, fast and cost-effective parts delivery and rapid response in remote-telephone diagnostics.

Founded in 1992, AWS relies on the experience and expertise of former key members of the Yamazaki Mazak Deutschland GmbH. They include AWS founders Werner Braun, mechanical engineer, industrial engineer, time and motion study specialist; Leonhard Schwank, master mechanical engineer; and Gerd Stuber, electrical engineer. These three key management members have decades of computerized numeric control (CNC) experience in the machine tool sector.

Werner Braun
Managing Director / Owner
+49 6731 - 45 35 0

Gerd Stuber
Managing Director / Owner
+49 6731 - 45 35 0


Foundation of AWS GmbH for more than 14 years of service working at the company Mazak.

Exclusive contract with the Japanese firm Lube (manufacturer of centralized lubrication systems), Sales and service for whole Germany.

Exclusive contract with the Swiss company Samsys (manufacturer of short bar loading magazines, Sales and service for whole Germany.

Exclusive contract with the Japanese firm Yasda (Manufacturer of CNC controlled machine tools).

Acquisition of the Swiss company Sameca (Manufacturer of hydraulic bar feeding magazines).

Relocation of the company from the Volkerstraße in the Obere-Schanzenstr in Alzey.

Exclusive contract with the Brazilian company Ergomat (manufacturer of CNC lathes, Service and spare parts processing in Germany in total.

Acquisition of the German company Samsys GmbH (Manufacturer of short bar feeders).

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Die AWS GmbH verfügt über Know-How in der Reparatur / Wartung / Service sowie Ersatzteile für folgende Marken/Hersteller. Über 100.000 Artikel aktuell lagerhaltig.