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Alzeyer Werkzeugmaschinen Service GmbH

Obere Schanzenstrasse 1-7
55232 Alzey, Deutschland

Telefon: +49 6731 45350
Telefax: +49 6731 45336




We offer a variety of services.
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Telephone Service

Whether it's a defective fuse or a major problem that brings production to a standstill - in cooperation with our customer, the AWS Hotline minimizes production downtime. Whether a complete overhaul or recovery from a failure, as part of its service package, the AWS Hotline offers everything you need to get you going again.

Machine downtime costs money, so entrust your problem to the AWS Hotline where Gerd Stuber and Jürgen Tschakert are standing by to help.

Just give us a call: +49 6731 45 35 0

Decades of experience in remote/telephone service for turning lathes and machining centers, especially for Mazak and Samsys (Sameca) products, allow us to assist you quickly and efficiently.

Gerd Stuber
Mazak Electronics
+49 6731 - 45 35 0

Sascha Weingärtner
Mazak Mechanical
General Questions
+49 6731 - 94 78 18 2

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Die AWS GmbH verfügt über Know-How in der Reparatur / Wartung / Service sowie Ersatzteile für folgende Marken/Hersteller. Über 100.000 Artikel aktuell lagerhaltig.