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Quick Check

Geometry problems? Instead of a circle, your machine mills an ellipse? How precise are your machines?

In the past, such questions could only be answered after investing a lot of time and money, and by using expensive measuring instruments and conventional methods. In addition to the high cost, production was disrupted for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, preventive measures to avoid incipient machine faults failed because the problems remained undetected. And normally no action was taken until workpiece flaws were detected, and all processes and influences were finally checked.

You no longer need to wait until your production comes to a standstill because of geometry or servo errors, because we now offer you an alternative: a precision check of your path-controlled NC machines with minimal downtimes.

The ballbar test using the Renishaw QC10 provides extremely fast data on the condition of your machine. The QC10 system is attached between two kinematic magnetic bearings. With minimal programming input on your CNC machine, two circular trajectories are traced, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise. The QC10 data are directly fed into the PC. From the resulting circles, the diagnostic software calculates the characteristic machine errors. All parameters are listed in tables, thus giving a clear indication of the condition of the pair of axes, and thus the machine.

The immediately following analysis of the data in accordance with ISO 230/4 or ANSI B5.54 provides information on the static and dynamic accuracy of the machine.

In most cases the machine can be brought back into its tolerance range by adjusting only a few servo parameters.

Verification and documentation of machine tool manufacturing accuracy is a must in ISO 9000 Certification. The color printout (based on a certificate according to ISO 9000) and the detailed parameter table are prepared for archival purposes and as proof of verification on site.

While conventional methods were only able to determine static errors, the quick check measuring technique also offers the ability to evaluate dynamic defects.The detected defects include but are not limited to:

· Axis speed differential
· Radial deviations
· Circle form behavior
· Dimensional accuracy
· Skips in quadrant-to-quadrant transitions
· Ball screw drive backlash
· Axis tilt
· Drag errors
· Cyclical errors
· Orthogonality (rectangularity/truing) errors
· Linearity (straightness) errors
· Circle center offsets

Moreover, we store your machine data. When repeat measurements are made, the earlier data can be overlaid on the new results to show trends. Because of the small amount of time needed for regular checks, tests can be carried out at short intervals (e.g. during normal machine maintenance) without having to live with substantial machine downtimes, and precision can be continuously monitored without drastically disrupting fabrication. Regular measurements ensure that the machines will operate efficiently and with the necessary accuracy.

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